Zoran Djindjic Regional School of Political Philosophy

The Zoran DjindjicRegional School of Political Philosophy, organized by the Zoran Djindjic Foundation and the Faculty of Political Science - University of Belgrade from 2011, has the primary goal to reflect on the influence of Zoran Djindjic and the first democratic government of Serbia on the political climate in the country and region. The lectures cover different issues in the field of political philosophy and inspire participants to take a more critical approach towards their governments. 

The main goals of the School are:(1) acquiring basic concepts of political theory and philosophy and deepening of theoretical knowledge in these areas;(2) critical analysis of the philosophy of Zoran Djindjic and the influence of his politics on the stabilization of the Western Balkan region and democratic transformation of Serbia;(3) networking of politically active and socially conscious young people and opening new possibilities for their cooperation in the future. 


The participation is intented for students of BA and MA studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Philosophy, members of the youth branches of political parties, young scholars, researches, NGO activists from various fields, provided they are actively involved in the process of democratization in their respective countries from Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. All costs, including transport and accommodation for the participants which are not from Belgrade are covered. School will be held in Belgrade in May each year and lectures are held at the Faculty of Political Sciences.

Application for the participation include: CV, motivation letter (minimum of one A4 page), scanned copy of the diploma of completed studies or proof of regular studies. 

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